College Bound Funding Solutions

Our founder spent the first 12 years of his financial career representing the interests of some of the largest financial firms in the country. During this time, he realized a growing need among his existing clients for more immediate college funding solutions to address the alarming financial liability of a college education. This discovery ultimately led to the founding of College Bound Funding Solutions in 2009. Since then, we have spoken with thousands of parents, each concerned on one level or another with the financial consequence of funding their children's college education.

The recent erosion of principal in most investment accounts partially due to economic decline as well as overall political uncertainty, matched with a disturbing increase in the current default rate of outstanding federal student loans, caused us to realize a growing need for more immediate college planning. We need to address the many financial issues college bound students and their families are facing.

Today, College Bound Funding Solutions flourishes while providing dynamic solutions for parents who realize the importance of a college education, but may lack the necessary financial means. CBFS has been very successful in helping relieve some of the financial stress and anxiety facing families today with college age children.

“The majority of parents we meet with today are all too aware that college has been looming on the distant horizon, but over time one thing or another has come up preventing them from putting away what was needed each  year to save for college.

Realistically speaking, assuming college costs continue to rise at their current annual rate, it is unlikely that many parents today could be expected to save an average of $80,000 per child for college. For the majority of the population in this country, applying for federal financial aid is a forgone conclusion.

Regrettably for most, their first reaction is often to get the loans and worry about paying them off later, or covering college costs with assets that were earmarked for other financial goals, like retirement, hoping that they will have the time to make up the difference.

One of the first things that we try to impress upon families is that it is going to be ok, and the last thing they want to do is panic. There are plenty of techniques available to help them, and then, step by step, we begin to walk them through the process.

The college experience for most of our clients begins when their children are entering into 10th grade. There are so many things that a family needs to begin planning for. We have found that most families are often overwhelmed by the amount of preparation involved with applying to multiple colleges, not to mention staying on track with all of the pre-college entrance requirements and deadlines.

By walking people through the entire college process from start to finish, we are able to reduce most of the stress associated with college planning. Slowly, they begin to see that by continuing to move forward utilizing the simple methods contained in our College Financial Planning Report, paying for college does not have to ruin a family’s financial future.

At CBFS, we strive to enlighten parents by pulling back the curtain on the financial aid system. We show them exactly what they need to do, what types of scholarships and grants are likely to be available for their students, what the differences are in the types of financial aid available, what kind of loans may provide the highest value over time, and how to discuss these issues with their students.

Parents walk away with the understanding that it is not only about getting their students accepted to the college of their choice, but getting them through the entire college experience without going broke or graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt.

Unfortunately in America today, a college education is not a birthright. You have to really want it, you have to plan for it, and most importantly, you have to know how to get through the process in one piece.”