College planning

From their very first words, we are charged with keeping our kids safe.  As parents we like to think that we are doing everything possible to help insure that our kids will have all of the tools they may need to build a better life for themselves. 
Proper college planning is crucial to insuring a successful college experience. 

Today there are two areas working against us when it comes to paying for college: the escalating annual cost of attendance, and the average amount of time a student currently spends enrolled working towards a degree. 

At CBFS we work closely with our students to match them with both schools and areas of study, that will afford them with the highest probability of success concerning on time graduation and employment within a chosen field. 

No two colleges are alike... 

The process of matching a student with a select number of the most appropriate colleges will, of course, include scholastic achievement and admissions requirements, but also a particular school's student retention,  on time graduation rate, and those schools with the highest amount of gift aid as a percentage of their overall average financial aid offer per student.

Keeping in mind that there are more opportunities to learn and grow as adults during the college years than just a degree, the right college can provide an opportunity to learn and explore a diverse world of experiences. This is a time of unique self exploration and learning. A well rounded college experience will stay with our students long after graduation. All of these variables must be considered prior to selecting a college to attend. 

Today at CBFS, a student can design and customize their college experience in a world of different ways,  we work closely with each student to build the ideal college plan based upon each of our students individual needs.

Life happens. As parents, there will always be something else demanding your immediate attention, let CBFS handle the heavy lifting associated with planning for college. Call or email us today to learn more about our planning services, so that maybe you will have at least one less thing keeping you up at night.